Mr. Bag is a character originally created by the restaurant Checkers and Rally's. It was adapted by RightOnTheMoney in June 2015 to replace the character known as The Chosen One in the YouTube video Mr. Bag!, which can be found here.

Creation by Checkers Edit

Mr. Bag was created in 2014 in a new Checkers advertising campaign.

Appearance Edit

Mr. Bag takes the appearance of a white-and-red paper bag, with a checkered black-and-white strip in the middle, where his mouth is located. The Checkers and Rally's logo is printed on the bottom of the bag.

History Edit

Mr. Bag was created in 2015 by a mad scientist working for a Checkers in Phoenix, Arizona. Mr. Bag ate the scientist and the door shutting is heard. On the news, it is reported that the scientist was killed by the Mexicans. There was another guy who witnessed the murder of the scientist and knows it was Mr. Bag, but he is hunted down and killed by Ronald McDonald.

In 2055, 50 years after the Mexicans take over the world, Mr. Bag kills the Mexicans. He is honored as a hero.

In The Adventures of Mr. Bag Part 1: Ronald McDonald, Mr. Bag is hanging out in a Checkers in Washington, D.C. when McDonald attacks the restaurant. McDonald is scared off by Mr. Bag.

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